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Wedding flowers for the bridal party, ceremony and reception in Northeastern Illinois


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e hope to keep these pages updated with
our most recent 2004 weddings as the season progresses. Check back with us for new photos!

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. A brief description of each wedding runs along the right border.



arrow174.gif (83 bytes)May 22, 2004
     First Presbyterian, Libertyville, IL
     Armour House, Lake Forest Academy, IL








Mixed-flower vased arrangements and a mantel garland of Iris, Roses, Freesia, Daisies, Statis, blue Baby's Breath and Lizzyanthis were featured in this wedding.


Vased flowers used for the church alcoves were also used to decorate the reception.


The bride carried an upright bouquet of Roses and Freesia. Her attendants carried upright bouquets of Roses, Iris, Freesia, Daisies and Lizzyanthis.







arrow174.gif (83 bytes)May 1, 2004
     Gurnee Community Church, Gurnee, IL
     Chevy Chase, Buffalo Grove, IL











The bride and her attendants carried upright bouquets of Asiatic Lillies, Sterling Roses, lavender Freesia, Stock, Waxflower and Statis (see both from two angles at left).




The ceremony arrangements were transported to the reception and placed in tower vases.












arrow174.gif (83 bytes) March 27, 2004

The bride carried a traditional cascading bridal bouquet of  pink Roses, Dendrobrium Orchids, Freesia, Limonium and Plumosa greenery.











The attendants carried bouquets of Roses, Dendrobrium Orchids, Limonium and Plumosa greenery hand-tied with pink chiffon ribbon. The groom's boutonniere was made with two Dendrobrium Orchids and Limonium. The groomsmen wore a pink Rose & Limonium.








arrow174.gif (83 bytes)May 15, 2004
     St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Lindenhurst, IL






The bride and her attendants carried upright bouquets of burgundy mineature Gerbera Daisies, pink Freesia, fuschia Roses, pink Roses, Baby's Breath accented with crystals.






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