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Wedding flowers for the bridal party, ceremony and reception in Northeastern Illinois


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arrow174.gif (83 bytes) June 26, 2004
      Long Grove Church, Long Grove, IL


The bride carried a compact, upright bouquet of Cardinal Roses.











Each attendant carried an upright bouquet of the gorgeous Stargazer Lilly, Cardinal Roses and a touch of white Statis.








The corsage and boutonniere were Dendrobrium Orchids, which were also used in the altar arrangement.









arrow174.gif (83 bytes)June 5, 2004
     Midlane Country Club, Wadsworth, IL








The bride carried a teardrop cascade of Dendrobrium Orchids, Roses, Freesia and Baby's Breath.

The attendants carried Dendrobrium Orchids and Roses handtied with celadon chiffon ribbon to match their dress color.



The topieary arrangements at the entrance to the aisle were also used to decorate either side of the head table.

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