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Wedding flowers for the Bridal Party, Ceremony and Reception in Northeastern Illinois


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(weddings from 2003)

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arrow174.gif (83 bytes) Memorial United Methodist, Zion, IL
     Illinois Beach & Conference Center, Zion, IL




The striking flowers used in this wedding included white and lavender Roses, Stephanotis, Freesia, Lizzyanthis and Statis. The birdhouse is a Petals and Promises rental item.






arrow174.gif (83 bytes)Chevy Chase Country Club, Buffalo Grove, IL


This upright bridal bouquet includes Stock, lavender and white Roses, Dendrobrium Orchids and Baby's Breath sprayed purple and white. Freesia was added to the attendant's bouquets for more color.









Guests received their reception cards attached to small vases which held Dendrobrium Orchids and  placed on a sign-in table strewn with Rose petals.

The table centerpieces consisted of a round mirror, three votive candles and a tall cylinder-vase filled with the same flowers as the bouquets with a floating candle.

All of the centerpiece items shown here are available to rent from Petals and Promises.





arrow174.gif (83 bytes) Presbyterian Church, Palatine, IL
     Chevy Chase Country Club, Buffalo Grove, IL


The attendant's bouquets (and the flower girl basket) featured Stargazer Lillies, German Statis, Freesia Mini-Carnations and Calstinia.









The bride carried a cascade of Dendrobrium Orchids, Roses and pearl-tipped Stephanotis.

















The toss bouquet decorated the head table using a table clip (available for sale).




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