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Wedding flowers for the Bridal Party, Ceremony and Reception in Northeastern Illinois



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(weddings from 2003)

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arrow174.gif (83 bytes)  St Paul the Apostle Church, Gurnee, IL
      Allgauers, Northbrook, IL

The top photo shows Judy constructing the guest-table  centerpieces.



Red Roses were the feature flower in this wedding. The bouquets were constructed in our silver victorian handle and then placed in vases to decorate the head table. The candelabra arrangements were taken to the reception and used on the sign-in and head tables. Half of the guest table arrangements were  placed in tower vases (available for rent from Petals and Promises) and half were placed on  mirrors for a "high-low" look.



Check out that adorable ring bearer!!














arrow174.gif (83 bytes) Gurnee Community Church, Gurnee, IL
      Holiday Inn, Gurnee, IL






Our bride chose a traditional all-white cascade of Gardenias, Stephanotis, Dendrobrium Orchids, Lizzyanthis and Roses. Her Attendants carried Iris, Daisies, Freesia and Delphinium in our victorian silver handle.




Tulle and lights decorate the reception. The standing mailbox is a rental item from Petals and Promises.







arrow174.gif (83 bytes) Thunderhawk Golf Course, Beach Park, IL 




This Valentine bride carried a cascade of Gladiolas, Roses, Tulips Gloriosa and pink-sprayed Baby's Breath. Attendant's bouquet of Stargazer Lilly, Tea Roses, Mini-Carnations and Statis.









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