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Wedding flowers for the bridal party, ceremony and reception in Northeastern Illinois


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arrow174.gif (83 bytes)May 29, 2004
     St Paul the Apostle Church, Gurnee, IL
     Illinois Beach & Conference Center, Zion, IL

The bridal bouquet featured a teardrop cascade of Dendrobrium Orchids, Roses, Freesia and pearl-tipped Stephanotis.






The attendants carried teardrop cascades of lavender Roses, Freesia, Dendrobrium Orchids and Statis.






The wedding cake had a combination of fresh and frosting flowers. The tulle-drape overlay on the table made the fresh  petals appear to be floating.






arrow174.gif (83 bytes)May 30, 2004
     St Paul the Apostle Church, Gurnee, IL
    Thunderhawk Golf Club, Beach Park, IL


The bridal bouquet was a nosegay of Roses, purple       Statis and pearl-tipped Stephanotis.









The attendants carried five red Roses with purple  Statis tied with black-organza ribbon.




Red roses and purple Statis were also featured at the  reception, with a dozen roses on each guest table,  sign-in table. Red Sweetheart Roses adorned the  bride's gift birdcage.







arrow174.gif (83 bytes)June 5, 2004
     Our Lady of Humility, Beach Park, IL
     Raddison Hotel, Pleasant Prairie, WI


The fragrant Sterling Rose was the feature flower of this wedding.













The upright bouquets included white and Sterling Roses, Freesia, Lizzyanthis, Dendrobrium Orchids and purple Baby's Breath.




Guest tables were decorated with a floating Sterling Rose surrounded by rose petals.






arrow174.gif (83 bytes)June 19, 2004

The bridal bouquet was made with white Stock and   lavender, ivory, pink and pale-yellow Roses.



















The bride's attendants carried more colorful  versions of the bride's bouquet. These bouquets featured lavender Stock and deleted the white Roses that the bridal bouquet used.








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